Our First Advertiser

Thanks to Expert Messenger for being the first advertiser to help support Shine in the Darkness. You can see the name on the right and it links to their website.

In addition to their advertising monthly support, they have asked us to produce a one minute web video for their website.

Several years ago, IRCS Live!, Indian Rocks Christian School’s livestream channel produced a 30 second ad for them.

Thanks again to Jim and Diane for your support!

Let your light so shine…


Pushing Back the Dark

After several months of procrastination and trying to understand what God would have me do with this website and ministry, I feel that it is time to just do it!

A couple years ago I started this ministry to produce films to share the love of Jesus to a lost world. Shortly after I first came up with the name, Shine in the Darkness, I became aware of a song by Josh Wilson called Pushing Back the Dark. I really identified with the lyrics, thinking that it was the theme song for the ministry.

Today, on my way to work from Tuesday morning bible study,  I decided I would use the Shine in the Darkness website as a blog to share what I am doing with the film production skills and equipment the Lord has blessed me with.  Not a minute later, that song came on the radio. Chills.

A line from the song struck me, “Cause somebody needs the light you have.” I didn’t remember that line. But, that is what I needed to spark this writing.  I have the love of Christ in me, the Light of the world, and I really need to share it with someone in need.

So, I will.

  • Here is my to do list:
    • Record a voice over tonight with a missionary who is home on sabbatical, then produce their fundraising film
    • A couple of projects have been filmed that need editing
      • The Coffee Shop Scene
      • Barrel and Hatchet promo
    • Begin pre-production on Tony’s Mustang scene
    • Find advertisers to help support the cost of the equipment
    • Promote readership of this blog
    • Recruit more members and volunteers
    • Trust that if God is in it, nothing can stop it!

If you have a couple minutes, watch this video from Josh Wilson.


Let your light so shine….


Happy Mother’s Day!

Shine in the Darkness worked with Anthony Russo and Jason Baird at First Baptist Indian Rocks to film and edit this tribute to Moms everywhere.

I have been unable to get started on the Coffee Shop Scene because of the Mother’s Day deadline for this video. But now, get ready!

Happy Easter! Filming the Coffeeshop Scene this Saturday!

Our hope is secure!

“The Lord has risen indeed,
Luke 24:34

Coffeeshop Scene

We are working on finalizing the script. Need to think about costumes, props, and a thousand technical details.

Kaitlyn and I are meeting Monday at 2 for a script meeting.

At this point, eight people have confirmed that they will be available Saturday:

Charlie, Pricilla, Yuri, Austin, Suzanne, Kaitlyn, Tony & Jeanie.

We have 2 of the main rolls cast. We are still looking for Cicely and Dakota, two lost college age girls. Cicely is a large roll, emotionally demanding with a bit of humor.  Dakota is a smaller part, she becomes the seeker. We have a couple possibilities, but nothing solid.  Cicely is a pivotal roll.

We also need someone to tackle props, and craft services (food and drink).

Email charlie@shineinthedarkness.com if you can help or know someone.

Filming at Smiley’s, 8am til we’re done (5 at the latest).

We have a few members who are contributing to keeping Shine in the Darkness afloat.  Thank you very much.

About to start looking for advertisers.  If you know a business who would like to advertise on our website and newsletters, please let us know or send them a link to:  https://shineinthedarkness.com/advertisers/.

YouTube update… 50 Subscribers!
Halfway there!



Notice how our address has a bunch of random letters and numbers?

When we have 100 subscribers, we can get our name in there.

Encourage subscribers.

Just Launched! Shine in the Darkness on YouTube

We need your help.  Last time I checked, it was 25, but now we need 100 subscribers to get a proper URL.  Our current channel URL is:


We are hoping to get youtube.com/channel/shineinthedarkness.
It costs nothing to subscribe. If you have not already, please subscribe today.

We have two videos on the channel.  
Here are the links:

Grace by Shannon Hildreth

Shine in the Darkness

We are finalizing cast and crew for the “Coffee Shop Scene” .
(I hope we have a new title soon)
We plan to film at Smiley’s on Saturday, April 22, 2017, 8am to 6pm.
(It should not take that long)
Contact us if you want to be involved or for more information.

Charlie Hall
Producer, Shine in the Darkness
Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father
which is in heaven.
Matthew 5:16

Film the Coffee Shop Scene

I have booked Smiley’s for Saturday, April 22nd 8 am to 6 pm.
If you are available, please let me know by the contact form.
Let me know what position(s) you are interested in.

Trusting in God’s direction I believe we can do this scene in one day! Here is what we need…

  • 5 Actors
    • 3 Female
    • 2 Male
  • 6 to 12 Extras
  • Lighting Director
  • Sound Engineer
  • Camera Operator
  • Continuity
  • Costume Coordinator
  • Props and Set
  • Hair and Makeup
  • Production Assistants
  • Food and Drink


A couple of notes:

Continuity will be everyone’s job. Making sure things look the same from take to take.
Costumes will be casual clothing, except for the employees who will need aprons.  We will need a fancy blouse (or 2) to be stained. This will be our big stunt!
Hair and Makeup will just help make sure every one looks good.
Production Assistants will be everyone who is available to grab this or move that.
Food and Drink will bring snacks and water and maybe go get some pizza for lunch.

If you are interested in one of these area, don’t worry about experience, we will all be learning.

One person can do a couple of the jobs listed.  Other jobs will need more than one.

I plan on the morning being used for the crew to get familiar with the equipment and the procedures and for the actors and extras to practice their parts. Filming will begin when we are ready.

The First Tampa Bay Christian Filmmakers Meeting was Great!

We had a great meeting Saturday!

Shoutout to Kaitlyn for providing the cupcakes. She used the money we paid has gone to support a Bangladesh orphan for a month. $50 will feed, house, clothe and educate a child for a month.

I failed to take any photos of the meeting, if you took a photo, please let me know.  We estimate about 30 people attended.  25 volunteer forms were submitted, 10 people did a screen test.

We heard from myself, Charlie Hall with information about Shine in the Darkness Film Productions, Austin Spicer who told about his upcoming feature film by Spicer Productions, and Kurt deVries about his experience and Bobaloo Films.

Thanks for attending!



Tampa Bay Christian Filmmakers Meeting

Join us at Smiley’s, First Baptist Indian Rocks, 12685 Ulmerton Road, Largo, FL 33774, 10 am – Noon.

Anyone who is interested in producing Christian films.  We will have a discussion among active filmmakers and an opportunity for those who want to be involved to get more information and sign up on a production directory.

Actors, writers, production crew members are needed.

Open auditions will be available after the meeting.  Bring your own script or use one of ours.

Please use our contact form to RSVP or request more information.

Volunteers Needed

We Need YOU!

We need volunteers to help with the many, many needs of filmmaking, both in front and behind the camera.

We are compiling a database of Christians in the Tampa Bay area who love the Lord and want to learn or use their skills in producing quality films.

If you would like to be involved, please complete the form below.