Happy Easter! Filming the Coffeeshop Scene this Saturday!

Our hope is secure!

“The Lord has risen indeed,
Luke 24:34

Coffeeshop Scene

We are working on finalizing the script. Need to think about costumes, props, and a thousand technical details.

Kaitlyn and I are meeting Monday at 2 for a script meeting.

At this point, eight people have confirmed that they will be available Saturday:

Charlie, Pricilla, Yuri, Austin, Suzanne, Kaitlyn, Tony & Jeanie.

We have 2 of the main rolls cast. We are still looking for Cicely and Dakota, two lost college age girls. Cicely is a large roll, emotionally demanding with a bit of humor.  Dakota is a smaller part, she becomes the seeker. We have a couple possibilities, but nothing solid.  Cicely is a pivotal roll.

We also need someone to tackle props, and craft services (food and drink).

Email charlie@shineinthedarkness.com if you can help or know someone.

Filming at Smiley’s, 8am til we’re done (5 at the latest).

We have a few members who are contributing to keeping Shine in the Darkness afloat.  Thank you very much.

About to start looking for advertisers.  If you know a business who would like to advertise on our website and newsletters, please let us know or send them a link to:  https://shineinthedarkness.com/advertisers/.

YouTube update… 50 Subscribers!
Halfway there!



Notice how our address has a bunch of random letters and numbers?

When we have 100 subscribers, we can get our name in there.

Encourage subscribers.

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