Pushing Back the Dark

After several months of procrastination and trying to understand what God would have me do with this website and ministry, I feel that it is time to just do it!

A couple years ago I started this ministry to produce films to share the love of Jesus to a lost world. Shortly after I first came up with the name, Shine in the Darkness, I became aware of a song by Josh Wilson called Pushing Back the Dark. I really identified with the lyrics, thinking that it was the theme song for the ministry.

Today, on my way to work from Tuesday morning bible study,  I decided I would use the Shine in the Darkness website as a blog to share what I am doing with the film production skills and equipment the Lord has blessed me with.  Not a minute later, that song came on the radio. Chills.

A line from the song struck me, “Cause somebody needs the light you have.” I didn’t remember that line. But, that is what I needed to spark this writing.  I have the love of Christ in me, the Light of the world, and I really need to share it with someone in need.

So, I will.

  • Here is my to do list:
    • Record a voice over tonight with a missionary who is home on sabbatical, then produce their fundraising film
    • A couple of projects have been filmed that need editing
      • The Coffee Shop Scene
      • Barrel and Hatchet promo
    • Begin pre-production on Tony’s Mustang scene
    • Find advertisers to help support the cost of the equipment
    • Promote readership of this blog
    • Recruit more members and volunteers
    • Trust that if God is in it, nothing can stop it!

If you have a couple minutes, watch this video from Josh Wilson.


Let your light so shine….


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